Extreme Hunter Big Bore Air Rifles
Extreme Hunter Big Bore Air Rifles.  We manufacture in house  500 Nitro Express, .45, .40, and  .308 rifles and a .410 shotgun.  Our gun barrels are hammer-forged chrome moly steel that we purchase and the triggers are manfactured by Timney.  All guns with standard laminate wood stocks are $1500.  Thumbhole gunstocks are $1600.  Titanium is available for custom orders. Any alterations to standard guns will raise the price of the gun. .257 is offered at custom pricing, call for price. The 500 Nitro Express base price is $1600.
This is an Extreme Big Bore Air Rifle 40 cal.



.308 cal with Woodsman stock - $1500 plus shipping


.408 cal with Woodsman stock - $1500 plus shipping
500 Nitro with salt & pepper stock - $1600 plus shipping
First time making a DVD to show the power of an airgun!
Lots of fun and excitement, (for us anyways).
Available here and at Extreme Bigbore
$20 shipping included
These are three standard universal stocks we offer. Others are available but price will depend on what stock is ordered. The stocks are very comfortable for both right handed and left handed shooters.
This is our brown on brown stock.
This is our salt and pepper stock.
This is our woodsman stock.
This elk was taken with our .457 with a 280 grain Hollow Point slug. Our .457 produces over 550 fpe.
This is our machine shop.
This fallow deer was taken with our .308 with a 150 grain Hollow Point slug. Broke both front shoulders. Deer fell in its tracks. With 150 grain slug, it shoots 1050 fps with over 300 fpe.



This turkey was taken with our .410 shotgun at 30 yds. It shoots 1.50 ounces of shot at 1000 fps.


This 700 lb bore was taken with the 500 nitro express by Mr. Hollowpoint. Complete pass through with a 350 grain Hollow Point slug. The 500 is capable of 700 fpe.


This ram was taken with the .45 Extreme Big Bore Air Rifle with a Mr. Hollowpoint 270 grain solid nose bullet. It was a complete pass through the shoulder.

This pig was taken with the Extreme 500 Nitro pistol with a Mr. Hollowpoint 270 grain bullet. Complete pass through, featuring Mr. Hollowpoint himself.


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